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Are your titles smart enough? These 5 tips will make them better

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In content strategy, a title is a powerful weapon. As a subject line in an email, a snippet in a social network or on a search results page the title is the first part of your content -or the most prominent- readers will see. It attracts your audience, drives traffic and helps improve your SEO ranking.

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With 6 secs attention span, how will you make a first impression?

In 2012 we learned that the average online attention span was 8 seconds. Today it’s 6. Considering this, how are you going to fight for attention in the social media battlefield?

1. Watch your title

Your title is the first thing people read of your content/product/service. A good title can take you many places. You can use it as a teaser and a great subject line too. This alone will save you a lot of time.

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