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Why we need media in Spanish

losspartans_cropped“Well, guess what: now Hispanics read more English”, said my friend when I mentioned I was writing this blog post. Every time I mention the Hispanic audience I receive a comment like this.

Clients ask why they should advertise in Spanish if Hispanics consume English media. And I always have the same reaction: “Who are we talking about? There are different types of Hispanics in US. Who do you want to target?”

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The one advantage Spanish has over English in SEO

photo credit: wallyg via photopin cc

For several reasons, English is the online preferred language. It is short, flexible and direct… the internet was created in English.

But Spanish has also some advantages. The one I found in SEO is relevant enough to deserve this post: Every Spanish noun becomes a plural by only adding “s”. Our language has less exceptions and irregular forms than English.

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