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3 things I do differently today in the web

photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
Or how to become a smarter user.

We used to be blinded by the glare and the lack of knowledge, but not anymore. As an online user, I am learning my way to get from the web what I want.

1. I click less

Sometimes, I don´t even click on a Read more link anymore. If content is not provided in a reasonable amount of clicks, I will probably give up very soon.

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A users’ world: How SEO is changing writing

Updated June 13, 2015.

As journalists, we used to write impacting titles… informative titles… creative title!. Part of your title intended to impress the reader, delight yourself and prove your writing skills.

Now, if you are an online writer, the approach is completely different: When you think about a title, your first thought is “Will someone use this word in a Google search?”

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