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Are you likeable enough?

My neighbor joined me and some friends for a girls’ night in. She works at the newest and greatest car brand in the Silicon Valley and she mentioned that, today, it is not about being a business shark but about “being likeable.”

Few days later I was flying to Seattle for an SEO convention and I found in my phone a book I had bought a while ago. I was not in the best mood, let me tell you. I felt very stressed from work and for having to leave my family for a whole week.

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How I reinvented myself as a Journalist

“You are not only a Journalist. Your area of expertise now goes beyond that. You are a Content Developer and Strategist”. This is what my supervisor told me. It sounded like all my career goals had been finally stamped on my business card.

But is the above definition what I dreamed of when I got my Journalism degree almost 20 years ago?

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