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7 things SEO experts will not tell you

SEO experts do not often tell you about some SEO issues that are key to the content creation process and everything that surrounds it because they are not in your shoes. This is your homework:

1. Be authentic

SEO is not a game. Authenticity is the real game. Create good content that feels authentic, honest with the brand you align with. It is really a game of knowing your audience and giving them exactly what they need, the way they need it. Make your content relevant.

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How to find inspiration to write and create

“Did you stop blogging? It’s been a while since I don’t read any of your posts”, said my friend.

My first reaction was of joy because, hey, that meant she was following me! Then I felt sad because I had stopped doing something I truly enjoyed.

Did I lose my inspiration? I believe there is always a magic moment when something has the power to amaze us and bring a moment of inspiration, new ideas.

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7 great apps for movie making on the go

It is predicted that 80% of all internet consumer traffic will be video by 2019. It could take each of us 5 million years to watch all the web video that will be available in the net by then.

The forecast by Cisco comes when the market has the tools to make it happen. Mobile devices and apps are making it so much easier to make creative, fun, simple and cheap video on the go.

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