8 design plugins that will let your blog shine

I am not a “one detail here and one there” person. I like simple and effective design and clean look. But I also love color, contrast and everything visual. These easy-to-activate plugins will make your site look good and well branded.

faviconlinista1. Favicons, the small logo that shows on your browser tab above your url. It is cute and helps users locate your site faster when many tabs are open or when you are in the top bar for favorites.
favicon example screenshot
2. Floating mobile sharing buttons are nice and extremeley effective for those many readers who never get to the end of an article: make sure they “act” (share) before they leave!

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Is Marketing the New Journalism?

The structure is shaping the content, McLuhan was right when he said “the medium is the message”. Blame it on social media, SEO or analytics, the truth is that digital media is having a tremendous impact in how content is done and perceived these days.

SEO, SEM are changing content

SEO, the new kid in town, threatens to limit creativity, quality, even the use of written language thanks to natural search’s very specific requirements:

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4 things you are doing wrong in social media

I see some trends that make me wonder how social is social media. Old habits from the beginning of the social media era or the need for monetization, ROI and conversion have taken things a little bit out of proportion.

Here, some examples of what I see as not-so-social media:

1. Being just sales oriented

I buy online or at the store. Social media has space for ads, but a Facebook page or a Twitter account should offer more than that, something like an arena for fun content, relevant information and a community of people to interact with a brand. Content marketing is key to show your audience that you care about the same things they care. You care about them, you are involved in great causes.

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6 things that should be mobile optimized by now

I had to spend a whole month laying on my back. The only thing I could do without pain was using my smartphone, I did almost everything with it but I also found obstacles and got frustrated when surfing the web, using apps or trying some site’s features. There is a lot of optimization missing on mobile and there is not enough testing on user experience.

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How to create a bilingual blog with good SEO

If your blog is bilingual because you are writing a post in English and you provide the translation right away in that same post, I encourage you to separate both languages using a subfolder or subdomain. Having a post in two or more languages in the same place is both bad user experience and poor SEO strategy.

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A bilingual blog on global media