Writing SEO Friendly Titles in Spanish

Where are all those creative titles gone? Is natural search destroying creativity?

The media have many more competitors now, readers are less loyal and more globlal. How to adapt to new times and all those platforms?

Don’t go too long. Don’t go too creative. Praise the nouns.

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Global videos in 5 steps

I have been a local News Producer for years. Producing a live newscast is my passion, but when I transferred to the online world I had to close the door to visual media.

Or not.

Now that I have embraced SEO, blogging and apps I find myself with a new goal ahead: being able to produce appealing stories that can translate into Spanish as well as in Chinese. How do I localize and globalize at the same time?

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Measuring social media influencers: Klout

A friend blogger asked me the other day about Klout, a measure for social media success. She was curious because she is expanding her use of social media.

If I google Klout negative reviews pop up first. They say it is not reliable and it is slow to see performance improvemente over time. They also critize Klout’s algoritms. The truth is that there are more and more clients out there who rely on Klout to make decisions about providers.

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Writing for the Spanish audience in the US

The first time I started writing for a newscast, my News director told me: “When in doubt, go Mexican”. For years I thought this was a free pass to go wild on Mexican, which is something easy to fall on when you are in the rush of a daily newscast. 

Going Mexican because the majority of the audience is from Mexico does not mean falling in a language that only Mexicans will connect with.

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Localize or go global?

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide what to do when you are writing an article that you wish every Spanish speaking person around the world could connect with immediately. Looks like mission impossible?

Well, just the fact that you stopped and thought about your target audience is a huge step forward.  It means you are aware that writing online is not like writing for local or national media.

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