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English, Spanish, Spanglish: How to reach Hispanics

Are you willing to understand Hispanics beyond stereotypes? Marketers know US Hispanics are shifting the population patterns, but they are not sure how they should approach them.

“So how do you suggest we use Spanglish. What examples can you provide?”

Wholly guacamole. Up to that moment I had never thought of Spanglish as a language marketers would use. Nobody who is a linguist, writer, translator that I know would ever use it on paper because it is a street language. But this brand was waiting for an answer. more

Unsung Latinas who give back to the community

Meet Sarahí Espinoza, a top student who was accepted in UCLA but could not afford to go because she was undocumented. She then started a website ( to help other students like her go to college because at some point she found out that with more information and research she could have made it. more

6 myths about U.S. Hispanics

I have been hearing all these excuses whenever it comes to include Hispanics in content and sales programs. The most recent (“they are poor”…) is the reason why I am writing this. These myths hide a lack of knowledge at understanding, targeting and delivering content to a population that is quickly outgrowing other demographic groups. Here are the numbers that prove these myths wrong. more

Bilingual. Bicultural. A new project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the beginning of a new project. As you may know, I have also a blog in Spanish, Periodista Hispano. Since I started blogging I tried to find a solution for this duality, and today I am trying the bilingual alternative. It is not about translating most of the time. Although both languages share the ground of Global Media they have different ears. I hope you will enjoy. more

Why we need media in Spanish

losspartans_cropped“Well, guess what: now Hispanics read more English”, said my friend when I mentioned I was writing this blog post. Every time I mention the Hispanic audience I receive a comment like this.

Clients ask why they should advertise in Spanish if Hispanics consume English media. And I always have the same reaction: “Who are we talking about? There are different types of Hispanics in US. Who do you want to target?” more