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Words with frontiers: Is there such thing as global Spanish?

When you write in Spanish for several countries you have one enemy: polisemy. You have to be careful when you try to take them from one country into another because they might mean totally different meanings. When in one country the meaning is insulting you have a big problem. more

Which type of Spanish should you use?

It is a fact: the quality of the Spanish language in the US is poorer than it is in other countries.

1. Red flag Spanglish. Yes, Spanglish is easy, playful and very tempting. As you learn English, you basically start changing pieces in a sentence from English to Spanish. “Dame el tape negro“, Vamos a un party… and you could end up transforming the words themselves for a mix of Spanish and English: “No me laika (I don´t like it)”. more

Why many won´t say they speak Spanish

photo credit: roboppy via photopin cc
photo credit: roboppy via photopin cc
When I read that Hispanics use English more and more I get a little defensive. As any other immigrant group, Hispanics tend to blend into the new culture over time, but let´s not push it: Spanish has already too many challenges to survive in this country.

When my 5 year old daughter was placed in an English learners program because she did not speak a word of English I never paid attention to those friends who advised me not to disclose that we spoke Spanish at home. I happily and proudly stated every year that we were Spanish speakers. Then, my second child was born. more

Writing SEO Friendly Titles in Spanish

Where are all those creative titles gone? Is natural search destroying creativity?

The media have many more competitors now, readers are less loyal and more globlal. How to adapt to new times and all those platforms?

Don’t go too long. Don’t go too creative. Praise the nouns. more