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So You Think You Can Blog?

photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc
photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc
Most people love blogs because they are a very easy way to express yourself through what you are or what you love to do. We all are the media now and your voice can be heard out loud. But playing the game is like opening a pandora box. Here is some help for starters.

Blogging takes time, needs a purpose and will put you on the online media track: more

Stay-home moms, new media stars

Just when you thought you knew your audience turns out you didn’t.

New media are addictive and fast paced. The minute you focus on one thing other things pass you by. There is always that ackward moment when somebody tells you about new stuff on the web and you nod, smile, and think: “Wait… what?”. more

The Wedding Effect

photo credit: <a href="">kelly niemann</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Photo credit: kelly niemann via photopin cc

I love Pinterest because it allows me to discover trends. What’s in and what ideas resonate among my audience, which mainly consists of women.

One of the most powerful I have seen so far is the Wedding themes. Weddings are filled with products that align perfectly well with the Pinterest concept: A picture for everything!. It has it all: decor, dresses, hairdos, makeup, shoes, cakes, gift ideas, picture sessions, honeymoons… it also has powerful SEO keywords that are unique to this topic: bride, bridal, married, wedding, groom, engagement, etc. more

Something about Pinterest

Photo: Padre Denny via Flickr
Photo: Padre Denny via Flickr

Pinteresting from my iPad is my new thing. It is like turning the pages of a Women’s magazine with beautiful pictures, ideas and fun stuff. And although  I use it for my own delight, I can’t help keeping track of my “followers” vs “following” score. more

Measuring social media influencers: Klout

A friend blogger asked me the other day about Klout, a measure for social media success. She was curious because she is expanding her use of social media.

If I google Klout negative reviews pop up first. They say it is not reliable and it is slow to see performance improvemente over time. They also critize Klout’s algoritms. The truth is that there are more and more clients out there who rely on Klout to make decisions about providers. more