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3 things that make blogging different

Just like archeologists brush the sand of a newly found fossil and the more they brush the more they can see the whole shape, after three years of blogging and reading posts I found what makes it so different to other types of writing for me. These are three core differences: more

5 dos (and one dont) before you hit “Publish”

One of the beauties of working online is being able to go back to your piece of content and correct, change, improve it as many times as you want. And do it in real time.

But when you are about to hit “Publish” to bring your content to life, there is no going back for some things: you have probably linked all your social networks to your blog so when you publish your post it gets posted automatically in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc. more

Only silly things go viral?

Are you comfortable with what you do? Then it is probably time to move on.

Once you have finally achieved a publication schedule, a list of topics, a formula to build your content, and a promotional routine in your social network, it is time to find new things to keep your audience growing. more

Klout it Up!

Photo: See-ming Lee via photopin cc
Photo: See-ming Lee via photopin cc
I tried many things to keep up with social media. I woke up one hour earlier every day, I used my one hour commute time and I stayed up until late at night sometimes in search of this holy grail: my Klout score.

My score was growing slowly. Not an influencer yet. My problem is that, being a journalist, I find it very difficult: more

Do you really want to follow these people on Pinterest?

photo credit: ShardsOfBlue via photopin cc
photo credit: ShardsOfBlue via photopin cc
It is exciting to get followers! But if you love the Pinterest experience as much as I do, you need to be careful with who you follow because you don´t want to receive spam in your feed. You also want to be treated fairly.

Do you really want to follow those who…

1. Follow thousands and are followed by thousands overnight? I have been in this platform since the beta phase in Feb. 2012, and I know how hard it is to have followers when you don’t have a brand behind you. My followers started growing pretty fast this summer, and I realize most of them had something in common: they were following +20k pinners and were followed by +10k. They had few boards, strange and short bios and few pins. They were just playing “follow them and they’ll follow you”, and suddenly fake brands, sportswear and weight loss programs took over my pin feed. I had to go to the menu and click “Everything” every time to get the variety of pins I like, which was kind of annoying. So I had to unfollow many of my new followers. more