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My top 10 tips to start a blog

These are not the most regular tips. They go an inch deeper because I know you are smart enough to find out the very simple basics on your own as you go.

Take some as warnings as fixes to these can come with a long trail of complications, especially if you produce your own blog. So it is important to think carefully when you take your first steps. more

4 things you are doing wrong in social media

I see some trends that make me wonder how social is social media. Old habits from the beginning of the social media era or the need for monetization, ROI and conversion have taken things a little bit out of proportion.

Here, some examples of what I see as not-so-social media:

1. Being just sales oriented

I buy online or at the store. Social media has space for ads, but a Facebook page or a Twitter account should offer more than that, something like an arena for fun content, relevant information and a community of people to interact with a brand. Content marketing is key to show your audience that you care about the same things they care. You care about them, you are involved in great causes. more

7 must-have plugins and widgets

Updated May 24, 2015.

Plugins and widgets add functionality to your blog. They are easy to search, upload and use, and best of all, there are tons of free plugins and widgets out there. The following are critical to keep my wordpress site running, provide good customer experience and keep me out of trouble with search engines. more

Good bloggers apply these 4 strategies

Writers are the kings of style, Journalists don’t fear the blank white page and Bloggers -good bloggers- are great strategists. They are talented agitators of the global audience in the social media battlefield. These are the 4 strategies that make it happen.

1. Bloggers don´t just write. They´re on a mission

A blogger -a good blogger- does not always write because he is passionate about writing and wants to open his heart to the masses. They have a clear purpose before they start typing. more

With 6 secs attention span, how will you make a first impression?

In 2012 we learned that the average online attention span was 8 seconds. Today it’s 6. Considering this, how are you going to fight for attention in the social media battlefield?

1. Watch your title

Your title is the first thing people read of your content/product/service. A good title can take you many places. You can use it as a teaser and a great subject line too. This alone will save you a lot of time. more