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A users’ world: How SEO is changing writing

Updated June 13, 2015.

As journalists, we used to write impacting titles… informative titles… creative title!. Part of your title intended to impress the reader, delight yourself and prove your writing skills.

Now, if you are an online writer, the approach is completely different: When you think about a title, your first thought is “Will someone use this word in a Google search?” more

Is SEO in Spanish a market of opportunity?

SEO is a matter of word volume and the volume of people using a word. When you use SEO tools to measure the popularity of words it is disappointing to see how small search numbers are in Spanish are compared to those same searches in English.

Spanish is developing slower but this means also a great opportunity for people who are starting now. Competition for words is not as fierce as it is in the English market and it leaves room for newcomers to take positions in natural search. more

Writing SEO Friendly Titles in Spanish

Where are all those creative titles gone? Is natural search destroying creativity?

The media have many more competitors now, readers are less loyal and more globlal. How to adapt to new times and all those platforms?

Don’t go too long. Don’t go too creative. Praise the nouns. more