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3 Godzillas that will protect your site

Do you produce your own site? If you do and you are not a tech soul, meet FileZilla and two other guys who will help you get acquainted with your CSS so you can take your site to the next level.


CSS – Oh how I was trying to avoid this. I know some HTML but no CSS and I did not want to mess with my blog’s code. It in-ti-mi-da-ted me. But one day I needed to go beyond and I finally I had to face this monster while trying to create a subdirectory for a Spanish version of my blog (which in the end I didn’t since I found out that two separate domains, the option I have right now with Periodista Hispano was the best for SEO.) more

3 checkups that will keep your site healthy

Whatever you do with your site your main priority is to keep it up and running. After working so hard to create great content it would be a shame if nobody was able to read it either because it takes a minute to load or -even worse- it cannot be found.

There are three major issues that could lead you to a catastrophy if you leave them unattended, the good news is they can easily be avoided. Below you will find tools to fix them on your own and for free -or almost. more

Moving your blog? Avoid these 3 SEO mistakes

Last year, while blogging from I could see nice peaks in traffic, so I thought I´d move to to be able to further customize design and functionality. I did it and my blog took a nose dive. What could have gone wrong?

1. Www or non-www domain? That is the question

Although I was keeping my domain name, I overlooked one detail: the “www”. When you leave a free platform and need to pay your own web hosting service, you are asked wether you want to go by, or both in the set up process. more

8 good practices for SEO friendly content in the Hummingbird era

Google says Hummingbird, their revamped search algorithm, can not only “read” keywords but is also able to understand their context in a long sentence. Forget about strings of keywords. Hummingbird is more about having a conversation, whether it is in writing or talking. These are 8 good practices that will help your content to be SEO friendly in this new search era: more

Have you been verified by Google?

Foto: Kalexanderson via photopin cc
Foto: Kalexanderson via photopin cc
Google, Pinterest and other platforms want to know if you are who you say you are.

If you say you own a website or a blog called they will ask for a proof or may not give you full credit. This is basically why you need to verify your site.

The process seems easy but can be challenging if you manage your own site or blog with no professional help. These tips can be useful, and it feels good when finally Google gives you a green check mark of “successfully verified”. It means you are in good terms with the big G. For now. more