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7 things SEO experts will not tell you

SEO experts do not often tell you about some SEO issues that are key to the content creation process and everything that surrounds it because they are not in your shoes. This is your homework:

1. Be authentic

SEO is not a game. Authenticity is the real game. Create good content that feels authentic, honest with the brand you align with. It is really a game of knowing your audience and giving them exactly what they need, the way they need it. Make your content relevant. more

How to create a bilingual blog with good SEO

If your blog is bilingual because you are writing a post in English and you provide the translation right away in that same post, I encourage you to separate both languages using a subfolder or subdomain. Having a post in two or more languages in the same place is both bad user experience and poor SEO strategy. more

How to 301 redirect an old domain to a new domain’s subfolder

I used to have one blog in English and one in Spanish on similar topics, with different domain names. At some point I decided to consolidate and create a bilingual blog. I wanted to create a subfolder in the domain I wanted to keep (domain A), and redirect the old domain (domain B, the one I was letting go of) into that subfolder in domain A so I did not lose my SEO. more

What killed my SEO and how I fixed it

I was checking my blogs while waiting for a conference when I started sweating: I had just installed the Moz Toolbar to see my page ranking and I was seeing “Page Authority:1”. Zero. Nada. How did this happen? I checked my other blogs and everything seemed normal. How come the blog I put more effort into had been penalized? more

7 must-have plugins and widgets

Updated May 24, 2015.

Plugins and widgets add functionality to your blog. They are easy to search, upload and use, and best of all, there are tons of free plugins and widgets out there. The following are critical to keep my wordpress site running, provide good customer experience and keep me out of trouble with search engines. more