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6 things that should be mobile optimized by now

I had to spend a whole month laying on my back. The only thing I could do without pain was using my smartphone, I did almost everything with it but I also found obstacles and got frustrated when surfing the web, using apps or trying some site’s features. There is a lot of optimization missing on mobile and there is not enough testing on user experience. more

Mobile sets new priorities for content management

I went from newspapers and magazines, which allow your eye to wander up and down, and sideways, and choose among several stories, to TV. TV has that vertical pattern with one story after another, and another. You are carried through a whole newscast and the broadcast editorial team needs to find a flow that is appealing enough so you won’t click away (this is why broadcast guys are the best at teasing stories). more

We the People, our Cells and the FBI

boston_bomb_suspectsThe steps in the investigation in the Boston attack have been simple and effective:

1. Ask everybody -who was at the marathon- to turn in cells, videos o photo cameras.
2. Come up with images of possible suspects.
3. Share them. Ask people to help identify these faces. We know the end of the story. more