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8 design plugins that will let your blog shine

I am not a “one detail here and one there” person. I like simple and effective design and clean look. But I also love color, contrast and everything visual. These easy-to-activate plugins will make your site look good and well branded.

faviconlinista1. Favicons, the small logo that shows on your browser tab above your url. It is cute and helps users locate your site faster when many tabs are open or when you are in the top bar for favorites.
favicon example screenshot
2. Floating mobile sharing buttons are nice and extremeley effective for those many readers who never get to the end of an article: make sure they “act” (share) before they leave! more

Is Marketing the New Journalism?

The structure is shaping the content, McLuhan was right when he said “the medium is the message”. Blame it on social media, SEO or analytics, the truth is that digital media is having a tremendous impact in how content is done and perceived these days.

SEO, SEM are changing content

SEO, the new kid in town, threatens to limit creativity, quality, even the use of written language thanks to natural search’s very specific requirements: more

Samsung and Oscars: As smart as it gets

The Oscars did more than delivering awards: Samsung paid around $18M for getting the brand exposed -if you didn’t notice, Ellen was holding the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and her group selfie is already the most retweeted tweet ever. Game is on for social media engagement monetization. more

You are your brand

photo credit: TerryJohnston via photopin cc
photo credit: TerryJohnston via photopin cc
I sat at the table that had this sign: “Branding Yourself”. My friend sat at the next table (“Freelancer”). I could hear the first question of my friend´s “counselor”: “Do you have a website?” before a very young woman sat next to me. more