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7 great apps for movie making on the go

It is predicted that 80% of all internet consumer traffic will be video by 2019. It could take each of us 5 million years to watch all the web video that will be available in the net by then.

The forecast by Cisco comes when the market has the tools to make it happen. Mobile devices and apps are making it so much easier to make creative, fun, simple and cheap video on the go. more

4 steps to good storytelling

My friend the News reporter has a new job. She is part of “LA Prepa”, a show where she interviews students whose personal stories have grown into a success story related to sports. How those students face challenge, what/who is part of their success, and what is the life goal that sometimes go beyond sports. more

Video, Photo, and the Adobe Creative Suite Cloud

photo credit: j-dub1980 - via photopin cc
photo credit: j-dub1980 via photopin cc

I just came back from a training for editing video and images with the Adobe Creative Suite in Orlando, Florida, at Genius DV. Disney creative department was next door and we got good ideas from them, e.g. creating stories with After Effects and how to smartly organize the gazillion footage files you get from a single shooting session. more

Global videos in 5 steps

I have been a local News Producer for years. Producing a live newscast is my passion, but when I transferred to the online world I had to close the door to visual media.

Or not.

Now that I have embraced SEO, blogging and apps I find myself with a new goal ahead: being able to produce appealing stories that can translate into Spanish as well as in Chinese. How do I localize and globalize at the same time? more