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How to write a good tease

TV writers spend a good time promoting upcoming newscasts so the audience tunes in later or stay tuned. They are the best at teasing stories because TV is a very competitive environment: nothing is easier than switching to other channels.

The internet offers a similar environment now, with so much content competing for the same keywords and reader´s short attention span. more

Why is my site loading so slowly?

I was about to give up on this blogging adventure right before writing this. I often get frustrated with the technical part, but this time it was worse than adding a widget or changing colors: my blog was very, very (very) slow. A shameful one minute slow.

Google considers any page speed above one second to be slow, so you can imagine how I was feeling. more

My 9 easiest and most useful web tools

These are some of the most useful tools, programs or codes that I use everyday because they make my life easier. They are easy to use and most of them are free.


1. Snagit – Is there anything more frustrating than trying to use the print screen button? Snagit allows you to pick the portion you need from a page, edit a little bit to add remarks or notes, and paste it on an email or an office doc (word, ppt). It used to be free, but you can find free alternatives in the web. Great for tutorials. more

3 things I do differently today in the web

photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
Or how to become a smarter user.

We used to be blinded by the glare and the lack of knowledge, but not anymore. As an online user, I am learning my way to get from the web what I want.

1. I click less

Sometimes, I don´t even click on a Read more link anymore. If content is not provided in a reasonable amount of clicks, I will probably give up very soon. more

Only silly things go viral?

Are you comfortable with what you do? Then it is probably time to move on.

Once you have finally achieved a publication schedule, a list of topics, a formula to build your content, and a promotional routine in your social network, it is time to find new things to keep your audience growing. more