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How to find inspiration to write and create

“Did you stop blogging? It’s been a while since I don’t read any of your posts”, said my friend.

My first reaction was of joy because, hey, that meant she was following me! Then I felt sad because I had stopped doing something I truly enjoyed.

Did I lose my inspiration? I believe there is always a magic moment when something has the power to amaze us and bring a moment of inspiration, new ideas. more

Great content strategy tools

If you create digital content for profit, if you have a mission and a goal for every post, article, infographic, video or photo gallery you create, these are tools you should take a look at.

Content strategists need to use and master both if they want to successfully compete for digital attention next year because social platforms like Facebook and Instagram will not make it any easier. Start your engines. more

The 10 commandments of successful bloggers

The blogosphere is changing fast. Many blogs have turned into powerful media thanks to brands’ attention, loyal readers and new web designs. Most importantly, bloggers have discovered new ways to approach their audience and smartly compete for attention. They do most of the 10 things that follow to succeed. more

Why bloggers (yes, you!) should code

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If you are a blogger, you are a digital media professional: a digital content provider, manager and strategist. I am sure you know some SEO, design. And I know you are a marketing pro by now.

Everyday new tools, add-ons, plugins are launched to make complex tasks very easy for the profane users. Very soon we will all be our own webmasters. In the other hand, there are still many functionalities that require to modify your CSS. more

Are your titles smart enough? These 5 tips will make them better

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In content strategy, a title is a powerful weapon. As a subject line in an email, a snippet in a social network or on a search results page the title is the first part of your content -or the most prominent- readers will see. It attracts your audience, drives traffic and helps improve your SEO ranking. more