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English, Spanish, Spanglish: How to reach Hispanics

Are you willing to understand Hispanics beyond stereotypes? Marketers know US Hispanics are shifting the population patterns, but they are not sure how they should approach them.

“So how do you suggest we use Spanglish. What examples can you provide?”

Wholly guacamole. Up to that moment I had never thought of Spanglish as a language marketers would use. Nobody who is a linguist, writer, translator that I know would ever use it on paper because it is a street language. But this brand was waiting for an answer. more

Why bloggers (yes, you!) should code

Léelo en Español

If you are a blogger, you are a digital media professional: a digital content provider, manager and strategist. I am sure you know some SEO, design. And I know you are a marketing pro by now.

Everyday new tools, add-ons, plugins are launched to make complex tasks very easy for the profane users. Very soon we will all be our own webmasters. In the other hand, there are still many functionalities that require to modify your CSS. more

My top 10 tips to start a blog

These are not the most regular tips. They go an inch deeper because I know you are smart enough to find out the very simple basics on your own as you go.

Take some as warnings as fixes to these can come with a long trail of complications, especially if you produce your own blog. So it is important to think carefully when you take your first steps. more

8 design plugins that will let your blog shine

I am not a “one detail here and one there” person. I like simple and effective design and clean look. But I also love color, contrast and everything visual. These easy-to-activate plugins will make your site look good and well branded.

faviconlinista1. Favicons, the small logo that shows on your browser tab above your url. It is cute and helps users locate your site faster when many tabs are open or when you are in the top bar for favorites.
favicon example screenshot
2. Floating mobile sharing buttons are nice and extremeley effective for those many readers who never get to the end of an article: make sure they “act” (share) before they leave! more

Is Marketing the New Journalism?

The structure is shaping the content, McLuhan was right when he said “the medium is the message”. Blame it on social media, SEO or analytics, the truth is that digital media is having a tremendous impact in how content is done and perceived these days.

SEO, SEM are changing content

SEO, the new kid in town, threatens to limit creativity, quality, even the use of written language thanks to natural search’s very specific requirements: more