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7 things SEO experts will not tell you

SEO experts do not often tell you about some SEO issues that are key to the content creation process and everything that surrounds it because they are not in your shoes. This is your homework:

1. Be authentic

SEO is not a game. Authenticity is the real game. Create good content that feels authentic, honest with the brand you align with. It is really a game of knowing your audience and giving them exactly what they need, the way they need it. Make your content relevant.

2. Be entertaining

And I don’t mean funny. Make sure you keep your audience interested in your content, make reading, viewing, listening to your content a good experience. Structure your content in paragraphs by concepts, develop clear ideas, find good pictures. Do not make it long just because you need to reach an amount of words but because it makes sense to go deeper.

Make reading, viewing, listening to your content an easy thought-triggering experience. Value UX above all digital creatures, including SEO.

3. Be an expert, talk like a friend

Sometimes, in order to sound authentic we sound too much like preaching. Find the words your audience is using, talk to them with the words and tone they understand and feel comfortable with. Don’t be dogmatic.

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4. Hit a niche and be consistent

Being consistent at creating, launching and promoting your content will be your path to increase your audience. The social networks like YouTube, tactics as hashtags, tools like Buffer or Hootsuite are there to help you mainly for free, make the most out of them and put your message in front of as many people as possible.

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5. Measurements don’t always add up

Sometimes your title will be truncated in SEO but still rank well and get good traffic. Sometimes you will score a Quick answer box and still have low traffic for this piece of content. Is the keyword you are using the one you really want to rank for? Are your competitors there? If they are not, try to find why. It is not so easy to find undiscovered opportunities anymore, everybody invests in SEO.


6. Dare to innovate

There is so much going on in digital that it is difficult not to be innovative. Don’t stick to the same formula all the time, show your audience that your are a modern digital entrepreneur all the time. Think videos in a different way, use audio -so cheap, fast and easy to share with many platforms. You don’t have to change overnight, just add new interesting changes, be up to date.

7. Have your goals always in mind

It does not stop at SEO. What is your real goal, selling your products, building audience, get people to sign up for a webinar? SEO will be useless for you if you do not get conversions. If you don’t get the audience you win with SEO to do what you need for your business to thrive, you need to rethink your digital strategy.

Learn SEO. Do not just hire an SEO expert and sit comfortable. You need to have an SEO mind too to understand the value and limitations of natural search.

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