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How to find inspiration to write and create

“Did you stop blogging? It’s been a while since I don’t read any of your posts”, said my friend.

My first reaction was of joy because, hey, that meant she was following me! Then I felt sad because I had stopped doing something I truly enjoyed.

Did I lose my inspiration? I believe there is always a magic moment when something has the power to amaze us and bring a moment of inspiration, new ideas.

I always say everybody should blog. To express yourself, to find that little door to you inner creative self. If you don’t blog, find a personal creative passion. It will balance so many things inside.

You may be going through a rough moment in your life, where all your creative energy needs to be focused somewhere else and you cannot allow yourself too much “amazement”. But when it comes to creativity, only 10% is inspiration. The rest is hard work. 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration, they say. So even if this happens, don’t stop.

Follow a method and make it a habit to create, don’t give up on your creativity.

Practice makes perfect

It is Saturday morning at 7.38 am and I am writing on my couch. Everything is quiet and calm, as everybody else is sleeping. This is how I started my blogging therapy, waking up when my children were in bed, making coffee and writing something. Anything. It was “my” moment.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Just do it, whenever you can. Do not wait for a magic moment to happen.

Journalists know about deadlines. When a deadline is coming there is no putting off because of inspiration. Tell your boss or client that you could not finish because you did not feel inspired and… well, I wouldn’t want to be there.

When you start writing you are visualizing, calling inspiration. Practice -the time you put into it- is key.

3 golden rules to be inspired

These three things are important because they create a routine around creativity until it easily flows.

  1. The best moment to get inspired. Try to find that moment of the day that only belongs to you and is the perfect frame for inspiration. Mine is at sunrise. If you are too tired in the morning, maybe yours is in the evening, when your baby or kids are in bed. Or your commute if you don’t drive (a good reason not to and spare the air).

Find that moment to jot down some ideas or write a paragraph.

  1. Have always something at hand to take notes. Always (with cels today, easy peasy). If you decide to wait for inspiration, it will be easier if you took some notes on what you think would be a good topic, something like an editorial calendar.
  2. Think how you would create a specific part of your masterpiece. That is what I love to do: I read in my mind how I would captivate the reader from the beginning, and then structure my idea. This is like looking at a map and decide which way you are going to go. From there, everything is easier.

How to get in the creative mood

Sometimes ideas just walk in front of you as if nothing happened. You were seeking them desperately and here they are while you are waiting for that traffic light to turn green. Or while talking to someone.

Dopamines are the neurotransmitters responsible for the mind’s inspiration, creativity, enjoyment, happinesss. Being in a good mood, feeling happy, relaxed, motivated helps you get inspired, and these situations can trigger your dopamines:

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Something around you inspires you. Something known or unexpected makes you feel happy: it can be a baby in the street. Or going to a store and seeing beautiful things, like fashion. You imagine and you visualize: how will you look like in those colors, shapes, textures?…

Fashion is not popular just because, but because it makes us dream, like any other form of art of creative expression, whether it is decor, photography, painting, cooking, watching a movie, a documentary. Or a stroll in the park.

A conversation over coffee, a friends meeting… exchanging ideas while relaxing is a powerful source of inspiration. It is a way of feeding inspiration to each other -which doesn’t mean copying ideas.

My friend inspired me during a relaxed conversation with other friends. There was such a good group vibe that our thoughts started flowing in very positive way, and we ended up with a lot of good ideas. Feeling able to communicate triggers inspiration.

Do you feel specially creative when something makes you sad or in a bad mood? This does not seem to be related to dopamines. For me, it is also a way to get inspired.

When I was 14 I received an unexpected bad score in math. I was about to write an essay for another test when I received the score. As a result, I totally rocked the essay. The “sadness” of my math test had given me the right topic to write about and the inspiration (along with a fear of failing again) to do it in a way that touched the teacher and everybody else in the classroom, when the teacher asked me to read it out loud days later.

Not being in a good mood is an amazing way to be creative because finding happiness becomes a challenge, thus a trigger. Suffering can create isolation. It captivates you and forces you to look inside, where you can find your inner power.

Next time you feel like this, open your notebook or your laptop. Creating something will give you at least a chance to get it out.

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