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7 great apps for movie making on the go

It is predicted that 80% of all internet consumer traffic will be video by 2019. It could take each of us 5 million years to watch all the web video that will be available in the net by then.

The forecast by Cisco comes when the market has the tools to make it happen. Mobile devices and apps are making it so much easier to make creative, fun, simple and cheap video on the go.

Apps and phones cannot replace professional filming just yet but they make video that travels fast from and to almost all platforms and the apps are pretty intuitive and easy to use.


Instagram offers free apps to make video a fun experience, like Hyperlapse for fast motion (great for the Instagram´s 15 seconds slot) or Boomerang for back and forth short sequences.

Vine has the nice addition of soundtrack. A gap that was being filled by JamCam and other voiceover and soundtrack apps.

But none of these platforms -Instagram or Vine- allow you to edit video directly. You can only do some trimming and apply some filters or effects.

Useful to know before you start

a. Some apps are very similar, but most have some details that set them apart, whether it is choosing the screen dimensions, how much you can control the edit, or how easy it is to save or share your final creation. Try several so you know the possibilities offered in this market.

b. Video is “heavy”. It weighs much more than a picture. The heavier it is the more difficult it is to upload and download, and the worse the user experience is. How long can you stay on a video that stops every 10 seconds because it has trouble downloading?

The video length that I find best for video is one minute or less. Above this, the relationship video-device gets more complicated.

c. Find an app that allows you to do more of the things you like to do on one platform. Avoid transferring from one app to another. Every time you save and re-upload your video, it loses quality.

d. Recommended resolution is 1080p x 24fr –frame rate– (many phones or videocameras are preset to 1080p). In general, the higher the frame rate the lower the speed.

If you want to record a fast movement in slow motion to get all the details you will need 60fr, or more. Someday you will be able to record with your phone a dolphin jumping out of the water in such slow motion that every drop of water becomes a crystal clear detail. Or the great white shark taking its prey at a 1000 frame rate:

Just not yet.

Apps that make editing very easy

Want to take control of editing? If you think selecting media and moving video clips around, adding transitions, including background music and/or voice over requires more software and skills than you have, try these:

1. VideoLab has something pretty unique. It allows you to adjust the photo length, HD video quality or lower, image orientation, etc. Very useful considering how we take pictures from our cell phones, which is… randomly: vertical, horizontal, square, upside down… you name it.

VideoLab allows you also to write over the image and apply slow motion. It is only available to iOS users so far.

2. Clips This is not only an app but a suite of apps:

  • Crop to adjust the image dimension
  • Tempo for motion speed
  • Fly to edit like a real live video producer, switching “cameras”, adding multicamera effect and adding windows.

Clips has a very visual interface that makes it very easy to create your video.

I like how it separates every clip in a different timeline, while you see the whole unit at the top of the screen. It is very easy to edit like this, sequence by sequence, instead of having to mess with the main timeline. You also have control of the sountrack, and can lower or increase sound volume the way you want.

Its creator, Fly Labs, has been acquired by Google, so it is uncertain what will happen from now on. Would try asap.

3. Clipper works very well for Instagram, showing square frames for editing, soundtrack and image filters to make it very colorful. It works in a similar way, clip by clip editing, which makes the process quite easy.

Apps that edit for you

4. Magisto. Here is an app that will do everything for you. Just upload the videos and/or photos you want in your final video. Everything is handed to you as themes and inspiration: music style, image filters…

Magisto edits your video and combines sequences and images in a very smart way… and you will love it (if you don’t, they will take it back and redo it until you like it.) Plus, they will create movies almost daily with the pictures and videos uploaded that day and will send them to you as a surprise. Can you be more proactive than that? For iOS and Android.

Magisto is all about making memories.This is an example of it does without even requesting it. One setback is that it won’t allow you to download your videos on your computer and keep them forever. You can share them in your networks or by email, but they stay in the app.

5. Replay app by Stupeflix has a similar proposal, “give me your photos and videos, find a theme and a style, and I will do the magic for you.” For Android and iOS.

Even Adobe Premier’s app asks you if you want them to do the magic for you or you prefer to amaze on your own (find more on the Adobe video app below).

Editing like the pros

The apps of the most popular desktop video editors use a design that is very similar to the professional desktop version, so they may seem a little intimidating, but are really easy to use in spite of the fact that their interface is not the greatest mobile experience.

novia en auto6. Adobe Premier Clip for Android and iOS let´s you choose between doing the editing yourself or allowing the app to do it for you, with nice results.

I like the fade in, fade out and fade to black to start and finish your movie with style (you´ll probably don´t need this in Instagram or Vine since the video loops.)

Not liking too much that they paste their logo at the very end. Just trim it and enjoy the transitions and the royalty free musics. Magisto also does this. Many apps ask you to pay a small fee to remove the logo permanently.

7. iMovie
iMovie opens a timeline for you, where you can download several videos and edit them together, using different types of transitions, like dissolving from one clip to another instead of a rough cut. I am not a fan of the iMovie timeline but selecting video clips and editing them is an ok experience. What I really like is to see the music track under the image timeline, giving you the possibility of managing the track (you want to make the natural sound of the first video run on top of the second video or a photo? You got it. This one is for iOS although there is an imovie app for android by FreshyDev.

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