Great content strategy tools

If you create digital content for profit, if you have a mission and a goal for every post, article, infographic, video or photo gallery you create, these are tools you should take a look at.

Content strategists need to use and master both if they want to successfully compete for digital attention next year because social platforms like Facebook and Instagram will not make it any easier. Start your engines.

Designer typography generators

You can create great poster-style images or add messages to your pictures. Look for tools that offer free designer work for you like Canva or, even easier and faster, free apps like It is a powerful way to gain traction in social media. Read this success story

Camera coffee and mobile devices

There is a ton of not-so-good options when it comes to these graphic design tools, so make sure you use something that fits with your brand image.

Filters and picture editing

Mobile devices have become powerful image editing tools on their own but you can go beyond with fancy apps that will apply filters and let you play with light, colors and effects.

It is a fact that filters make pictures more attractive and engaging. Like Camera+, VSCO, PhotoShop Express… They recommended me B612 in Puerto Rico Bloggercon. Absolutely love it.

photo with filter options

In 2016, “plastic surgery apps” will become much more popular, providing a free total makeover to faces, makeup included. Also, apps that let you see how will esthetic surgery look on your face, like FaceLift app. Enjoy.

Title length checker

This Moz preview tool is the simplest and easiest way to see if your title is too long and will show truncated in a Google Search results page, which is not the best user experience now that everybody fights for the few spots available on SERPs in a cell phone.

Social media managing tools

Like Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck. Although they limit the number of accounts you can connect to them, they are free. Sprout Social offers a free trial. These are far from being new BUT you need to make sure you use them once and again. And again.

Consistency is a proven key of success very easy to fail at. Decide your promotion frequency and stick to it. Have always something ready for takeoff in your schedulers. Use them as add-ons in your devices so you can quickly publish to your social networks or add to the queue.

Traffic analysis

Google Analytics, Omniture or Chartbeat (only GA is free). I use both the GA and Omniture mobile apps and they are very good.

You cannot longer postpone being a master in Analytics. It is essential to know which measurements are better aligned with your mission and your client’s needs. Learn how to segment if you have audiences in several countries or languages, or you need to separate one area from another (e.g., the shopping cart where conversion happens, or subfolder and subdomains). Know what is what, and what does it mean in a traffic report.

Keyword Planner

The old Google Adwords, now Keyword Planner will tell you where every keyword stands in terms of popularity when it comes to search, so you optimize your writing for SEO.

Google trends (Explore) is very efficient when comparing similar terms for different market. And then search as Incognito in the Chrome Browser to see where your content stands if you don’t pay for SEO consulting.

Responsive design test

Testing is a top priority for content strategy. This tool is in your Chrome browser, and is very accurate and versatile. Go to the upper right corner menu and click on more tools-> Developer tools-> mobile phone icon-> select device from menu to see exactly how your content will display in different devices. Remember to be Mobile first.

… And a clean slate, piece of paper, notebook, your “notes” or “pages” app in the phone or your pocket. Write down ideas, titles, topics for your next posts.

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