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Why bloggers (yes, you!) should code

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If you are a blogger, you are a digital media professional: a digital content provider, manager and strategist. I am sure you know some SEO, design. And I know you are a marketing pro by now.

Everyday new tools, add-ons, plugins are launched to make complex tasks very easy for the profane users. Very soon we will all be our own webmasters. In the other hand, there are still many functionalities that require to modify your CSS.

Plugins cannot solve everything yet and you cannot have a hundred plugins either. For you and for me, learning code is something like… a must. At least, learning “some code” so we can feel comfortable doing some fixes on our own.

In my case, I need to add some code to the .htaccess file to stop semalt from crawling my site and making my traffic reports unreliable. I just need to be able to go in there, copy and paste it. That´s all!

Yet, it is easier said than done. You first need to know how to access our FTP. You need to know for instance what port number you need to do this. And then make sure you find the right file in the right place, and you edit this file without sending your whole site to the trash.

This is the level of code I think a blogger who has in mind doing something more than having a good time with a blog should know.

Or do a 301 redirect. It is very common to decide to change platforms, so you will probably need to learn that. There are codes for almost everything and they are here in the web ready for you to copy them.

Knowing some code and being reasonably savvy to the point of being able to inspect elements in your source. Or knowing how to use a tool to create a sitemap, check the speed of your site or its mobile performance is not only possible but necessary.

There are free tutorials out there so get ready to wear this hat too. We need to be familiar with Filezilla and the likes to get ready to reach the core of our creation to make it even better. Coding is not just for kids, men or engineers. It is for everybody. You can code it!

Clarisse Céspedes

Journalist and Content Strategist. SEO, sponsorships and video. Follow me on Facebook and @ClarisseCespede.

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