plugins that will let your site shine

8 design plugins that will let your blog shine

I am not a “one detail here and one there” person. I like simple and effective design and clean look. But I also love color, contrast and everything visual. These easy-to-activate plugins will make your site look good and well branded.

faviconlinista1. Favicons, the small logo that shows on your browser tab above your url. It is cute and helps users locate your site faster when many tabs are open or when you are in the top bar for favorites.
favicon example screenshot
2. Floating mobile sharing buttons are nice and extremeley effective for those many readers who never get to the end of an article: make sure they “act” (share) before they leave!

3. Photo gallery. Photo gallery plugins have improved so much that building a gallery is more simple and has more functionality than ever: You can do slideshows or beautiful grids, you can share or add animations…

4. Image optimizerThis plugin makes the most our of your jpeg or png files, avoiding the loss in quality when you downsize your images. It can also do bulk resizing. How cool is this?

5. Instagram gallery to bring in your social to your blog. Instagram is 100% image social network. This gallery tool will add a color splash and will promote your content.

6. Expire sticky post A sticky post that you can program following a calendar, so you don’t have to worry about taking it down. It will allow to easily make announcements to your readers.

7. Best looking related content. With plugins like “nrelate”, the topics you tease at the end of your post will stand out and keep your readers in your website longer.

8. Show your code. Do you use code, html that you want to show your readers? The problem is that when you use some code or html it “starts working”. It gets “activated”: http + backslash + my will become a hyperlinked domain name, and the code will disappear.

Use a plugin called Raw html to be able to show your codes. Find more plugins for code highlight and markup.

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Léelo en español: 8 plugins para establecer tu marca con buen diseño

photo credit: Portfolio_16 via photopin (license)

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