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4 things you are doing wrong in social media

I see some trends that make me wonder how social is social media. Old habits from the beginning of the social media era or the need for monetization, ROI and conversion have taken things a little bit out of proportion.

Here, some examples of what I see as not-so-social media:

1. Being just sales oriented

I buy online or at the store. Social media has space for ads, but a Facebook page or a Twitter account should offer more than that, something like an arena for fun content, relevant information and a community of people to interact with a brand. Content marketing is key to show your audience that you care about the same things they care. You care about them, you are involved in great causes.

2. Targeting too narrowly

I recently read a post that contained some rules for good targeting, something like: “Why would you have followers who tweet in other languages, followers who do not directly align with your business, people of ages who are not your best target?”, etc.

Somebody told me proudly: “They are all in broadcasting” about his Linkedin connections. I admit I have the habit of considering everybody as a potential source of information, but when we become so exclusive we miss on opportunities and risk ending up talking to our own hand.

Targeting is good. Obsessively targeting leaves no room for expansion. Below is an image of a network, and it does not look like a horizontal uniform line, it spreads in all directions.

network image

3. Poor engagement

Are you really ready to engage and keep your audience engaged? I answer and most of the time I don’t get a reply, which makes me feel my answer was either stupid, not appreciated or just not interesting.

Comments rarely work. I have a problem with Disqus and blogpost every time I try to log in to comment in a blog. They don’t “let me in”.

4. Being “only” an influencer

I am the most loyal admirer of those who step down the Olympus of the influencers and follow back. Some things are in the past:

  1. Writing telegram style
  2. Using too many hashtags
  3. Establish credibility by not following back

, because

Those with tons of followers and following a few must be a great deal. Twitter profiles like this: 271k followers-0 following… it makes me laugh.


When I decide who to follow on twitter I don´t look at their total followers but at how much distance there is between followers and followings. That tells me if there will ever be a chance for me to engage with that profile and take something more than what I can take by watching a show or reading a book.

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