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6 things that should be mobile optimized by now

I had to spend a whole month laying on my back. The only thing I could do without pain was using my smartphone, I did almost everything with it but I also found obstacles and got frustrated when surfing the web, using apps or trying some site’s features. There is a lot of optimization missing on mobile and there is not enough testing on user experience.

These 6 things are costing you money if you are still doing them.

1. You are still on desktop version only

Really? I was surprised to find sites with excellent and important content still in desktop only. Gone are the years when users were willing to look ridiculous trying to zoom in constantly on a smartphone screen with their fingers. Please, don’t make me look like I need a magnifier to read you. Don’t force me to hunt for content like this. I need to feel more appreciated as a user.

2. Your form cannot be filled or submitted

I found a nice webinar promotion in a blog post. So nice that I decided to join. I filled in the blanks with all the information but the submit button was nowhere to be seen. Oh, wait! there was a small part of it showing at the bottom of the screen but there was no way I could click on it.

3. Sharing buttons that don’t share

I tried to share a nice article and I only get a blank page. If I am patient I may get to the social network I want to post, but normally I am not patient. Not more than a 6 seconds attention span patient. Nobody is, anymore. Being unable to share is actually the most common issue I find on mobile.

Incomplete sharing
I hit “share” and I never see a box where I can write something. The system tweets a bare link for me that I have to hunt down and delete. Or the opposite: I share something in Google+ and only my comment shows up, no snippet with photo and link. How embarrassing.

4. You stubbornly offer the app version of your site

You interrupt everything users are doing. I want to pin or share content and you take me to the app store automatically and you let me hanging in there. I cannot go back to where I was. I lose my pin or my share and I don´t really like you right now.

Sometimes I open a link I am really interested in and I am taken to the app store, but I already have the app!

5. You have too many popups & busy screen

I like your content but you make it too difficult for anyone to engage with it. Trying to keep reading becomes an obstacle race, and this is where marketing, sales and content people need to prove that they are able to compromise. If you focus on UX (user experience) you really need to find balance between UX and monetization.

6. Annoying app settings!

I am tired of having to customize settings for every single application, but it’s even worse when I can’t stop receiving pop up messages alerting me to undo what I just did when I decide to customize.

Facebook keeps asking me to enable notifications with a full black screen that completely blocks everything I am doing. Almost anything that pops up disrupts your attention and engagement, and when you feel forced to do something you don’t want to, it’s very “UX-bad”.

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