Samsung and Oscars: As smart as it gets

The Oscars did more than delivering awards: Samsung paid around $18M for getting the brand exposed -if you didn’t notice, Ellen was holding the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and her group selfie is already the most retweeted tweet ever. Game is on for social media engagement monetization.

Last year we saw all these social networks growing fearlessly and many were questioning how would they monetize. They did:

1. Advertisers understand that nothing speaks better of their brand than one user to another. All businesses seem to be in the same page now about social media. Even the Oscars.

2. Social is not the somehow exclusive territory of young people. That Obama selfie at the end of 2013 triggered some bad press but also put everybody in “selfie mode” regardless of age. The audience is ready to embrace the social game as well.

3. Advertisers seem opened to comprehensive strategies and are willing to try many things. This year we are going to see a fight for SEO in social media, celebrities -everybody!- becoming much more active in twitter, social media platforms trying to deliver any single crazy idea to improve engagement. Creativity and innovation are at stake.

The selfie wave crashed Tweeter during the Oscars night when top Hollywood stars posed with Ellen in the Kodak (now Dolby) theater. This is just the beginning.

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