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Good bloggers apply these 4 strategies

Writers are the kings of style, Journalists don’t fear the blank white page and Bloggers -good bloggers- are great strategists. They are talented agitators of the global audience in the social media battlefield. These are the 4 strategies that make it happen.

1. Bloggers don´t just write. They´re on a mission

A blogger -a good blogger- does not always write because he is passionate about writing and wants to open his heart to the masses. They have a clear purpose before they start typing.

a. They look for a popular topic.
b. They build a good SEO title that is carefully chosen -“We write 50 before we choose the one”, says SEOMoz team.
c. They know very well their readers (this is why they nailed a. and b.).

2. Bloggers write with a clear, concise style

Because they want to be popular and they know that they only have as little as 6 seconds to make a first impression they need to make their point very fast. Although blogging is very personal, bloggers don´t try to feed their ego: they want to be heard (or read). About music or cooking recipes, they want to communicate ideas just as journalists do, in the shortest, clearest way possible.

A key difference between Journalists and Bloggers is that Bloggers do not only want to be read, heard or watched, but they want to engage with their audience. And this is why they know their audience so well.

3. They know what´s trending, they try everything, they are multimedia

The ultimate goal for a blogger is to become viral. They constantly check how many followers they have, how many hits… they are mobile addicted. They look for topics to write about and follow any new thing on the market, and apply any tool or application that may help them achieve their traffic goal or optimize their time.

Writers can get too passionate and see writing as a sanctuary. Bloggers have overcome their fear to get their hands dirty with marketing and sales stuff, and jump happily into any tactic that will give them good ROI. They take advice and are ready to try new strategies constantly, they know about organic search, and they use every possible resource to build and share content trough photos, videos, audio, cartoons… They don’t forget to link to other relevant content when they write.

4. They schedule promotions, they measure and analyze data

Bloggers know their job is not done when they hit publish. Right after bringing content to life they need to promote it. They go to their social network scheduler and start sharing.

Then they measure success. Page views, Unique visitors and referrals are not exclusive to data experts anymore. Google Analytics taught everybody about it.

A good blogger thinks of what is working and what is not. And starts all over again: finding topics, building titles, learning tactics that bring him closer to his audience, promoting and measuring.

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