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With 6 secs attention span, how will you make a first impression?

In 2012 we learned that the average online attention span was 8 seconds. Today it’s 6. Considering this, how are you going to fight for attention in the social media battlefield?

1. Watch your title

Your title is the first thing people read of your content/product/service. A good title can take you many places. You can use it as a teaser and a great subject line too. This alone will save you a lot of time.

  • Your title can be the best teaser.
    You won’t need to find extra reasons to sell your content. Why build a story, rush to find any title and leave the critical task of writing a tease for later, when you tweet, G+ or FB your story? Do it now, build the strongest title at once (don’t let the lack of time deter you) and use it also as a teaser.
  • Give more information up front to get your click. A little something to show the greatness you have in store. Maybe you will have to write longer titles…
  • …but count your characters
    Specially if your title is also going to be used as a subject line for emails. There is still limited character count for that purpose, so count 50 characters (28 to 39 characters stand a better chance in mobile).

2. Be honest

Do you deliver what you promised? Did you tweet “The essential rules to promote your brand in social media” and when users clicked they found a registration form for a webinar? Wether they have to pay for that webinar or not, be honest. Tweet why they shouldn’t miss your amazing webinar instead.

Do you force your viewers to click many times to find the content you are promising them? As in the above example, anything that looks like a click collector is not going to please your audience because they don’t have time to waste. And don´t try to take them where they never wanted to go either. Target your audience right and take them to the content you promote in a reasonable amount of clicks (avoid more than 2).

3. Do you have a good picture?

Google plus will pull a picture no matter what. It does not appear to allow hidden thumbnails in G+ posts, so it is worth to include a picture.

Now that you are convinced that pictures are important, you need to find a good picture, not just any picture. If you want to sell your content you need to find that perfect image that will catch the eye’s attention and make want the reader click for more. Behind every great picture there must be a great story. Don’t we all think this?

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

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