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5 dos (and one dont) before you hit “Publish”

One of the beauties of working online is being able to go back to your piece of content and correct, change, improve it as many times as you want. And do it in real time.

But when you are about to hit “Publish” to bring your content to life, there is no going back for some things: you have probably linked all your social networks to your blog so when you publish your post it gets posted automatically in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, etc.

When you hit “publish” you trigger those social networks, which pull the title, the picture, a link and the first lines of your post. Don´t rely on making changes on these later. Once they´re gone it´s done.

Try this checklist:

      1. Is your first paragraph a good tease to the rest of your post? Don´t give away the core information in the first paragraph. Make it attractive enough so everybody wants to keep reading and click on the social network snippet (“read more”, for instance).

      Many blogs give you the possibility to see what your snippet will look like and at what point the engines are going to break the text, so you can make sure that your first paragraph is a strong invitation to discover all the amazing content of your post.

      If your title is a question, don´t answer in the first paragraph. Make it promising enough so your readers want to keep on reading.

      2. Check for misspellings. Correcting your first paragraph once it went live may not stop social platforms like Facebook from pulling your first version every time you copy and paste the url.

      The free version of Hootsuite is pretty generous and allows you to edit your snippet when you program your posts through their this platform. But this is a one time solution and happens after you made your first impact.

      3. Make sure the title´s keywords match the url´s. It coud happen that after changing your title so many times before you publish, your url gets all messed up. Once you decide your title, review your url
      4. Check the url one last time. See if this content item is filed in the right place
      5. Don´t forget a picture! A post with an image looks more attractive. It will also stand out in your social networks

Although you will be able to promote your post later on Twitter the way you like it, remember that a change in the url will end up as a broken link and viewers will find an error page instead of your magnificent content, so make sure it is right.

And don´t forget your SEO. You probably have a nice SEO package included in your blog´s theme, or you can download it as a plugin. Take your time to fill in those modules with keywords and meta description, it will pay off. Add also the tags to every post so peole can search your content inside the blog.

I am pretty sure some easy to use solutions to this problem will be offered over time, so it will be possible to make corrections “on the go” and replicate them on your network. It is really frustrating when you see your content live with a bad url.

Photo credit: ebayink via photopin cc

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