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3 things that make blogging different

Just like archeologists brush the sand of a newly found fossil and the more they brush the more they can see the whole shape, after three years of blogging and reading posts I found what makes it so different to other types of writing for me. These are three core differences:

1. It is something personal. Writing a post needs your personal reflection. The word “I” is not vetoed anymore, you actually need it, even if you are an expert. The more you can bring in your own experience and opinion the better. This is the essence of blogging, what makes it so different.

I have been a writer for so many years that I saw blogging as a continuation of writing articles, and at first I could not even start a sentence with “I…” It sounded so arrogant: How did I dare to believe that someone could be interested in “my” ideas? Dare.

2. It is about freedom and experimenting all the new things and trends that come to the market. Blogging is writing with an open mind. Try everything to attract your users. The bloggers I know are so dynamic and eager to try new things. They learn fast about everything, from SEO to images. You don´t need to be an engineer to enjoy online media, discover, share, be opinionated and blog away!

3. It is very marketable. There is a huge interest by marketers to sign up bloggers to talk about their products and make it sounds like it is the real deal. Never before have I seen the line between advertising and information so thin, and bloggers who are new to the media need to know this.

We created “content marketing” as a rare breed to serve keywords and free ads for campaigns, so try to be as careful and honest as you can. Whatever you communicate about you or the matter you are talking about needs to sound real (remember, it needs to sound “you”).

If blogging is a form of income for you, you still need to make it sound true and state clearly that it is paid information or you will lose credibility. Because of this credibility, even if your followers know that some of your posts are paid, they will think: “well, she/he would not even choose to talk about something that is bad”, so don´t be afraid to disclose it.

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Clarisse Céspedes

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4 thoughts on “3 things that make blogging different”

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  2. Very true Clarisse. The “I” word has own a right to be. It´s what makes a post (a well written post) interesting.

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