Only silly things go viral?

Are you comfortable with what you do? Then it is probably time to move on.

Once you have finally achieved a publication schedule, a list of topics, a formula to build your content, and a promotional routine in your social network, it is time to find new things to keep your audience growing.

This week Klout congratuled me for a “Media Moment”. Wow.

One of my posts had gone viral. Excitement. Finally my effort was paying off! Which post would that be? The one on Social Media Engagement? (It had good keywords). Or the one in Spanish on how I scream to my kids? (that one was pretty funny) Or that one on producing global video? (serious stuff).

These are 3 common things I see in viral content

They are mainly funny
They are mainly visual (a photo, an image, a video)
They are mainly short

Add this:

  1. Someone with many followers likes it.
  2. They follow a current trend.

In my case, it was none of this (I think, maybe you can give me some light). It was a silly picture I posted on my personal Facebook when I took my kid and a friend to an attraction park. And it wasn´t even funny. Just cute.

Being in a comfort zone is not a good sign in the online world. You may be missing important signs, red flags or hints that your online environment is giving you.

At first I laughed at how naive Klout could be. Then I realized that maybe I should be more alert, more ready to change gears.

  • Just when I was approaching YouTube, Vine is coming to the picture. Should I ignore it?
  • Just when I was enjoying my 400 words a post, I realize I need to keep it shorter (I swore this post would be 300 words, and it is close to 500 again).
  • Just when I was getting used to writing cute messages in Twitter, I realize that I should back up any thought with a link to my blog to get more than a golden star. (How am I going to provide content constantly? Probably the answer in the sentence above).
  • Just when I was happy blogging on nutrition and back to school, I realize my kids have grown up and it makes more sense to write about “cool” preteen tantrums and Tupac’s lyrics. Yep, definitely changing gears.

And don´t be surprised if after all your hard work what becomes popular is something silly that was not meant to be in the first place:

Clarisse Cespedes

Clarisse Céspedes

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