3 things I do differently today in the web

photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
photo: marsmet548 via photopin cc
Or how to become a smarter user.

We used to be blinded by the glare and the lack of knowledge, but not anymore. As an online user, I am learning my way to get from the web what I want.

1. I click less

Sometimes, I don´t even click on a Read more link anymore. If content is not provided in a reasonable amount of clicks, I will probably give up very soon.

I am much more selective on how fast I can get to the content because:

a) I am not clicking with a mouse most of the times anymore, and touchscreens can make it very difficult (many times you land on the wrong link).
b) I use the net on the go.
c) I still have a 3G connection, so I quickly get impatient.

2. I don’t fall for spam

Spam has become a real nightmare. And it has many ways to invade your content. 3 things I did not recognize as spam before:

  • Nice comments to your posts or articles. “I like your blog and will make sure I visit again. Keep up the good work”. OMG. So flattering! Until you realize they are just using your site to dump their url. That url is pure advertising or something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Not the result of engagement, for sure.
  • Trackback links. I received one the other day and it looked so real. Only it was empty. The link was not pointing to a site that was linking to me. It was pointing to a vacation resort.
  • Followers! This one broke my heart. I was so happy with the fact that my followers were growing. Then I wanted to visit their blog to follow back. Almost all of them had the same website, which had absolutely nothing to do with personal blogs, but more with advertising some type of “telenovela”.

You have to keep your site clean of this spam or Google will consider you a spammer as well so be wise.

3. I don´t trade my email. This calls for spam, junk, virus a.s.o. Even worse: for a total mess in your personal life. I don´t give my email(s) to the cashier at the store anymore. I don´t give my email for a discount. And I rarely trade my email for a free ebook. Because I am tired of receiving emails I don´t have the time to read and promotions I never asked for.

Sharing your email is like opening the pandora box.

Compared to 3-5 years ago, which things do you do differently as an online user today?

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