5 Ways to Hook your Readers

Updated April 12, 2015.

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This morning I was reading a blog post by a popular author on Linkedin. The title was attractive, but I left after the second paragraph. If you are not able to make the point of your title -or start making sense- after the second paragraph, you are done.

Blogging is so much about a personal point of view that a blogger may easily fall in the trap of letting his/her thoughts flow to a point of no return, where the story becomes vague and loses the reader’s attention. These tips can help:

  1. Your title is the hook that will grab your reader, like a fish in the sea. Once hooked, you need to make sure it stays.
  2. Your first paragraph should not give away all the details, or the answers to the question in your title. The first lines of your post will be pulled by online platforms to provide the reader with an idea of your story and a link to it. So you need to sell your stories in those first lines (sell, not give away).

See how the meta description is pulled by Google and displayed in the search results page? This is the purpose of your first paragraph: to tease your reader into your story.

  1. Your second paragraph is the equivalent to what happens when the film director screams “Action!”. It is the moment of truth. Now, he/she needs to see how your article proves your point and delivers the promises you made in the title (Is it really the best and easiest orange cake ever?).

This is your last chance to keep your fish in the hook, and your fish will be moving its tail like crazy. He may get a phone call, hear the baby crying, need to step out or receive an email. Reassure your audience that you are taking them in the right direction by giving them what they want, and they will keep reading.

With a 6 second attention span this is not easy task. Your readers will put your writing skills to a test.

  1. The end of a post is like cashing in a sold story. This is where you can engage the reader, if you expect him to interact (comment, vote, like). Or include your short bio with follow me links here and there. If they followed your story until the end, they are open to discover what is next. So what is next? Give them options, sell your book, sign them up to your next webinar, invite them to subscribe.

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