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Photo: See-ming Lee via photopin cc
Photo: See-ming Lee via photopin cc
I tried many things to keep up with social media. I woke up one hour earlier every day, I used my one hour commute time and I stayed up until late at night sometimes in search of this holy grail: my Klout score.

My score was growing slowly. Not an influencer yet. My problem is that, being a journalist, I find it very difficult:

a. To talk about a single topic
b. To talk about myself

So I happen to have 3 blogs and 3 twitter accounts, and I blog in Spanish and recently started trying in English. I considered the possibility of combining some accounts but finally decided that I needed to do what made me feel good. I can talk about my experience of being a mom in the “exile”, I can blog about my newly discovered passion for online media, and I can write about Hispanic media, my longtime career. I did what I do best: create content no matter how. And I tried to “stimulate” my networks muscle with many tutorial.

And my score grew by 22 points overnight and 6 more a week later. So 28 up!

I have to say, my pounds went also up from sitting at the computer for so many hours trying to go the extra mile. This is what I think made a difference:

A.Create good and original content AND establish your authorship. If you blog, open a Facebook page, or copy a bio excerpt in every post (better yet, open a page in Google Plus and link it with all other networks you have). Yes, keep on doing what you do because it is really your way to stand out.

B. Promote it in your networks. This takes time but it pays off. Smile when somebody out there says “don´t use automatic upload tools because it sounds too impersonal”. If you don´t use some help you will become a slave, a social network addict and will get so exhausted that you might give up. One of the best tools I found is WordPress Publicize. You hit Publish and you spread your word through all your networks at once. Then you can go back later and build some nice promos with Hootsuite.

C. “Engage” with your followers. Make that communication happen because they will help you a lot.

Try these 3 shortcuts:

1. Follow and you will be followed. It simply works. I won´t say it has a 100% ROI but it does better than only retweeting, repinning and reflagging. Aim at the people behind the content you like out there.

2. See what’s hot and do it. What grabs your attention is probably what also grabs other people’s attention: step by step photo gallery? A video? something funny? DIY posters with a thought or a joke? Try to adapt those things to what you do. There are tons of free easy to use programs that allow you to do it.

3. Connect your networks, link them and have them verified by those sites who request it.

4. Rethink your privacy settings. Try opening the door a little bit so you can be on the spotlight, if this is what you want. Sometimes we are so afraid to show ourselves that we cannot be discovered.

Clarisse Céspedes

Journalist and Content Strategist. SEO, sponsorships and video. Follow me on Facebook and @ClarisseCespede.

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