Do you really want to follow these people on Pinterest?

photo credit: ShardsOfBlue via photopin cc
photo credit: ShardsOfBlue via photopin cc
It is exciting to get followers! But if you love the Pinterest experience as much as I do, you need to be careful with who you follow because you don´t want to receive spam in your feed. You also want to be treated fairly.

Do you really want to follow those who…

1. Follow thousands and are followed by thousands overnight? I have been in this platform since the beta phase in Feb. 2012, and I know how hard it is to have followers when you don’t have a brand behind you. My followers started growing pretty fast this summer, and I realize most of them had something in common: they were following +20k pinners and were followed by +10k. They had few boards, strange and short bios and few pins. They were just playing “follow them and they’ll follow you”, and suddenly fake brands, sportswear and weight loss programs took over my pin feed. I had to go to the menu and click “Everything” every time to get the variety of pins I like, which was kind of annoying. So I had to unfollow many of my new followers.

2. Follow almost no one. The other extreme of this “following” situation are those who are followed by many people but follow almost nobody. Only their personal elite, the chosen. Well, excuse me. I understand your value but this mamma ain´t gonna waste her time on you no more. I need some appreciation too! I kept those who really provide good unique stuff. But I did it with a groan.

3. Invite you to a group board? I did it at first, then I realized I have to be more careful because I found myself in the middle of a lot of advertising, including some adult jokes I do not want to be associated with on a social platform.

4. Share same brand/product in almost all their boards? Thank you, I´ll pass for the same reason I explained in #1. If I am very interested in the brand I might choose only a board or 2 to follow.

5. Pinners with no bio or very unpersonal/invented bio? The absence of a bio is not a reason for me not following someone, but it is a deterrent. As it is the lack of a picture. I want to see real people. Players in #1 have a type of bio that alerts me immediately, or none. And I want to avoid them. But I may look at the boards and see their following trends to figure out if they are really pinterest lovers: people who create boards because they want to share content they take from different sources. Many new pinterest users start without a picture or bio. You need to allow them some time.

I pay attention to the pinners I follow because when I started in this there was a very nice community of pinners that I respect a lot. They are fun and inspiring. I like to follow pinners with a balanced “Followers” and “Following” number. This tells me they are in this site for the same reasons I am. I also follow the pros and brands that provide me with information I like or trust. Pinterest is my everyday shopping spree. Here I want to find things I would like to buy or try, and have a good time.

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