Stay-home moms, new media stars

Just when you thought you knew your audience turns out you didn’t.

New media are addictive and fast paced. The minute you focus on one thing other things pass you by. There is always that ackward moment when somebody tells you about new stuff on the web and you nod, smile, and think: “Wait… what?”.

A day has only 24 hours and you need to work and feed your family. And while you try not to drown in your daily duties at work, there is an army of people out there who has become very online savvy. Those who don’t have to catch a commute train every morning. And boy are they running miles ahead webwise. They are the stay-home moms.

Stay-home moms started blogging on everything home: decor, organization, cooking, style, crafts, parenting, parties. Finance! They took Pinterest by assault. They are a yellow pages directory on any platform able to give them exposure. They became experts at fashion, celebrities, nutrition. They even became photographers!

Take my friend Maite. She started taking pictures while on maternity leave. She posted on Facebook and everybody loved it. She then posted on Flickr and found other platforms and kept posting. Finally, Getty Images knocked on her door. Hers is a paying hobby and she made it by being social media savvy and showing the world what she was good at.

I know other women who, like Maite, have turned their cooking or painting or sewing hobby into a small business by posting and selling on online platforms. What mesmerizes me most is the amount of traffic they drag into their apparently trivial content. How to Paint a Wall without a Primer can easily double the traffic of a new study about a lifesaving device or the discovery of a new planet.

And it is not only the traffic but the trends they are setting up. They are huge influencers. Crochet and knitting and things that seemed buried in the past are hot trends right now. Why? Because stay-home moms started sharing patterns and pics (next to my computer a Martha Stewart loom with a blue infinity scarf awaits).

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