Algorithms… What is this?

photo credit: Michael R. Swigart via photopin cc
photo credit: Michael R. Swigart via photopin cc

As an editor, I try to understand SEO so my content can compete in the online world. And everything about SEO seemed pretty easy to grab so far. Until I heard the word “Algorithms”… tha one seemed to push me back, reminding me that I am not a geek and I do not belong in the geek world. So one day I sat at my desk determined to conquer the concept. I was ready to go back to Math and deep dive in Algorithms, whatever those might be.

And I found nothing to dive into.

Well, I found out that the name comes from a Persian mathematician called Al Juarismi. That was my first disappointment. I had expected so much behind that name that sounds like a mix of Algebra and Sequences (or Waves or anything related to Rythm in the paradise of Mathematics).

The definition is not very mathematical either:  “An effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function (Wikipedia).

In other words, it is the secret recipe of search engines, the method they put in place to decide who comes first when they rank search results.

So when you submit a query in the Google search bar, all the “machinery” behind follows a very specific process to deliver the results. These are the algorithms.  An SEO specialists’ job is trying to crack down the secret recipe. And by the way, the algorithms are updated now and then, so it is not an easy task.

So basically, algorithms define in one word what we all mean when we talk about Google (et alt.) SEO rules.

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