The one advantage Spanish has over English in SEO

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For several reasons, English is the online preferred language. It is short, flexible and direct… the internet was created in English.

But Spanish has also some advantages. The one I found in SEO is relevant enough to deserve this post: Every Spanish noun becomes a plural by only adding “s”. Our language has less exceptions and irregular forms than English.

While English speaking SEO experts may hesitate between “panty” and “panties” or “scarf” and “scarves” (the common root for both being “pant” and “scar”, which mean something different, in Spanish we know that plural is always (let’s say 99.9% of the times) we should always use the plural because it also contains the singular (“media/medias” or “pañuelo/pañuelos”). So by using the plural we are displaying both options at the same time. Isn’t that cool?

If you know of more advantages, I would love to read them!

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One thought on “The one advantage Spanish has over English in SEO”

  1. As far as Google AdWords, I understand you have an option for including plurals, misspellings and other variants adwords<campaign settigns<advanced settings<keyword matching options. As for SEO, the meta description can get away with not having to include the plural version since meta description doesn't impact organic rankings. it does however impact CTR.

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