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Photo: Padre Denny via Flickr
Photo: Padre Denny via Flickr

Pinteresting from my iPad is my new thing. It is like turning the pages of a Women’s magazine with beautiful pictures, ideas and fun stuff. And although  I use it for my own delight, I can’t help keeping track of my “followers” vs “following” score.

These are 5 recommendations that I think can be useful to increase your influence in the beautiful P.

1. Use some SEO. Descriptions need keywords that say what you are pinning. So when someone looks for something like that, Pinterest can find it and turn it into a search result. Like Twitter, Pinterest reads keywords highlighted with Hash tags #: Multi layer cream #cake with #strawberries. And sends mention notifications to people when you @Mary.

2. Build unique boards. Don’t replicate Pinterest areas (Home Decor, Kids, Food and Drinks, for instance). Why would they follow you if they can find many more ideas in the pinterest market.  It is better to add your own personality: Dream Home (people are going to expect to find beautiful home pics and ideas, and will be curious to see what is the home you dream about),  Kids Bedrooms, Healthy Recipes will sound probably more appealing.

3. Pin. Pinterest is said to be giving more SEO credit for pinning than for repinning. This means that your “from scratch” pins are more likely to appear as a search result than those you repinned inside Pinterest. But hey, if you pin like you are in a shopping spree fever  as I many times do, there is nothing like the pleasure of repinning. Read Pinterest’s advice.

4. Join group boards. Have you been invited to pin in a group board?  I think it is a very nice experience if the board is appealing to you. It will give your pins more exposure and will enhance your social web. Isn’t this what all this is about?

5. Be active! Considering SEO, your good taste and the nice pics you can find in the web, your pinning and repinning volume is what seals the deal unless you are well established or you are a photographer.

Clarisse Céspedes

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