Writing SEO Friendly Titles in Spanish

Where are all those creative titles gone? Is natural search destroying creativity?

The media have many more competitors now, readers are less loyal and more globlal. How to adapt to new times and all those platforms?

Don’t go too long. Don’t go too creative. Praise the nouns.

A title needs to include those very well selected keywords that will define your article to the search engine robots. Should we be inspired by telephone directories instead of litterature or other arts when looking for a title? Probably.

People read more and in a very different way, applying all those fast reading methods we heard of before. They are skimming the content, ready to jump from one thing to another and they will only stop for what really interests them: Maybe very deep and specialized (health, politics) but most probably attractive content (gossip and entertainment: jokes, games, cooking, videos).

Finding interesting vs important content is key since it is easier to agree on what is interesting than on what is important.

Your goal is the first page

Once you found the topic that will interest a big part of your audience, your article needs to get to the press booth: the search engines need to index you in the first 5 places of the first results page if you want exposure.

Praise the nouns means “include strong keywords in the title”. Don’t suggest, list (phone directory). Don’t say: Why the old art of writing is not useful anymore. Make your title relevant to the content by including title and SEO in your title, since these are the two words that define your topic.

And sure, you can also try to be a little bit more creative. This is called url. As long as the main keywords in the title match the url or viceversa, you can try to be more catchy with your title. But don’t forget that readers and search engines look through information in the same way that you look through a telephone directory.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

When we write we need to remind ourselves what are we writing about, what is the purpose of the article, what is our audience, and will this be interesting enough for our audience.

Once and again we need to remind ourselves about this. Focus on a title that really talks about what we are going to deliver, just like a promise. And make sure you deliver it.

For those of you used to write for TV, this should not be difficult. You have to tease a story in such a short and powerful way that the audience will tune in at the specified time to know more about it.

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