Measuring social media influencers: Klout

A friend blogger asked me the other day about Klout, a measure for social media success. She was curious because she is expanding her use of social media.

If I google Klout negative reviews pop up first. They say it is not reliable and it is slow to see performance improvemente over time. They also critize Klout’s algoritms. The truth is that there are more and more clients out there who rely on Klout to make decisions about providers.

And if you are blogging as an individual who is interested in doing something more with your social media than speaking your mind among your friends, Klout can be very useful too. It is very clear, fast and easy to use.

It will also provide you with an interesting -and free- feedback: are you simply and observer of the social media or an influencer? What Klout analyzes is how many people are following you and how far away they are taking your content. In a 1 to 100 scale, how well spread are you on the social media toast?  You may start ranking 10, but over time you will see how the curve goes up if you take the necessary steps to expand.

For Klout to analyze you you will have to provide them with your email and access to your social media accounts. In Facebook, for instance, you can block Klout from accessing your friend’s contacts, profile and newsfeed, and from publishing content on your behalf.

For more information, visit their page Understanding Klout.

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