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Is SEO in Spanish a market of opportunity?

SEO is a matter of word volume and the volume of people using a word. When you use SEO tools to measure the popularity of words it is disappointing to see how small search numbers are in Spanish are compared to those same searches in English.

Spanish is developing slower but this means also a great opportunity for people who are starting now. Competition for words is not as fierce as it is in the English market and it leaves room for newcomers to take positions in natural search.

While in the English market many who want to promote a product need to look for alternative words to play the SEO game, in Spanish you can still go for very simple and widely used words, like “Zapatos”.

Two things to consider though:

  • Don’t expect great numbers with more than one word. I mean that the difference between “Zapatos” and “Zapatos de mujer” can be so big that you feel you don’t have too much room to create your own set of keywords to go after. This is another consequence of slow growth in Spanish SEO. Instead of putting all your efforts and money to “Zapatos” consider what really defines you and be happy with the fact that you can “own” that term. It will eventually grow.
  • There are so many Spanish speaking countries who use the web in English that SEO will end up throwing you in the global market anyway. This means that you will need to look not only at your own competitors, but also to international competition. In the case of Spanish this multiplies by 3: your country competitors, your language competitors and your English speaking competitors aka the whole world.

Welcome to globalization.

photo credit: Speaking Latino via photopin cc

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