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Global videos in 5 steps

I have been a local News Producer for years. Producing a live newscast is my passion, but when I transferred to the online world I had to close the door to visual media.

Or not.

Now that I have embraced SEO, blogging and apps I find myself with a new goal ahead: being able to produce appealing stories that can translate into Spanish as well as in Chinese. How do I localize and globalize at the same time?

As many other things in the media, planning is key. One of the first things I learned in TV is that few things appear in the screen by accident. You should never go live without a plan B and C in mind. And you learn to bring things under control in seconds.

Here are my 5 recommendations when planning and producing videos for the web:

  1. Go evergreen. Evergreen is always the best solution although it does not necessarily pairs with localization. I would first focus on all evergreen content that can be produced and then fly to the next step:
  2. Look for universal human interests. Now this does pair with localization and is even more sublime than evergreen because not only it touches interests, but also emotions. One thing is to feel yourself interested in something (evergreen). A different thing is to identify with something. When you achieve this mirror effect you are 90% there. Remember the Quijote example in my previous post.
  3. Be ready to produce re-editable material. Think of your shots in a way that allows for easy editing. This way you can reuse some stuff, like an expert that can be easily dubbed or subtitled because he is just sitting in front and people easily accept and expert who speaks a foreing language.
  4. Provide enough b-roll to cover. Show things that probably are the same in one country or another.
  5. Localize key parts of the video (aka spend more money) only in short -but key- parts of the video. Like people reactions, personal experiences.

The above steps will allow you to save budget and resources for making localized videos from scratch for your core content, which I strongly recommend you.

photo credit: actcolombia via photopin cc

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