Likeable girl

Are you likeable enough?

My neighbor joined me and some friends for a girls’ night in. She works at the newest and greatest car brand in the Silicon Valley and she mentioned that, today, it is not about being a business shark but about “being likeable.”

Few days later I was flying to Seattle for an SEO convention and I found in my phone a book I had bought a while ago. I was not in the best mood, let me tell you. I felt very stressed from work and for having to leave my family for a whole week. more

What killed my SEO and how I fixed it - Onlinista

What killed my SEO and how I fixed it

I was checking my blogs while waiting for a conference when I started sweating: I had just installed the Moz Toolbar to see my page ranking and I was seeing “Page Authority:1″. Zero. Nada. How did this happen? I checked my other blogs and everything seemed normal. How come the blog I put more effort into had been penalized? more

writing a good tease for a story

How to write a good tease

TV writers spend a good time promoting upcoming newscasts so the audience tunes in later or stay tuned. They are the best at teasing stories because TV is a very competitive environment: nothing is easier than changing channels.

The internet offers a similar environment now, with so much content competing for the same keywords and reader´s short attention span. more

Godzillas that will protect your site

3 Godzillas that will protect your site

Do you produce your own site? If you do and you are not a tech soul, meet FileZilla and two other guys who will help you get acquainted with your CSS so you can take your site to the next level.


CSS – Oh how I was trying to avoid this. I know some HTML but no CSS and I did not want to mess with my blog’s code. It in-ti-mi-da-ted me. But one day I needed to go beyond and I finally I had to face this monster while trying to create a subdirectory for a Spanish version of my blog (which in the end I didn’t since I found out that two separate domains, the option I have right now with Periodista Hispano was the best for SEO.) more

A bilingual approach to global media